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    1. Representative Projects + Reliant Mid-Cities

      Reliant Mid-Cities

      2304 Hwy 121 / Bedford, Texas 76021
      RSF: 65,000
      Building Use: Rehabilitation Hospital

      Reliant Hospital Mid-Cities is a 60-bed rehabilitation hospital that provides nursing and therapy services to patients who require intensive rehabilitative care. Caddis developed the hospital in 2009, complete with all private rooms and a salt water aquatic therapy pool. An expedited deadline challenged the Caddis team to deliver a flawless execution in a short timeframe, while still achieving the tenant’s key business goals.

      Caddis was able to provide a combination of reliable execution, exceptional value, and agility to meet the client’s accelerated schedule and generate measurable results. The project took only 12 months from shovel to licensure and was delivered under budget.