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    1. Representative Projects + Texas Clinic at Arlington

      Texas Clinic at Arlington

      400 W. Arbrook Blvd. / Arlington, Texas 76014
      RSF: 66,819
      Building Use: Medical Office Building

      The Texas Clinic at Arlington is a medical office building developed by Caddis and anchored by Texas Health Resources. Part of a hub-and-spoke outpatient access point strategy, this “hub” successfully co-located primary care practices with specialists and boasts a lab, women’s center, diagnostic imaging, and a THR-run patient coordination center.

      Caddis was able to employ its extensive healthcare expertise to not only provide an efficient, attractive building solution, but also impact the bottom line of Texas Health Physicians Group by consolidating physician practices and leveraging patient referral dynamics to reduce referral leakage by 55 percentage points and decrease the monthly medical loss per member by 9.87%. The project, which was 56% pre-leased, took only 22 months from shovel to stabilization.

      Jason Hinkel / 214.916.5750